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Rise to Riches

Elevate your mindset, redefine your path to success, and reprogram your subconscious mind for a new level of success and prosperity. This epic 7-day training is your key to start unlocking a new realm of financial empowerment.


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10k a Month

Learn the secrets and energetics for $10k months and beyond in this life-changing training. Are you ready to end the hustle,
free yourself from unconscious money
blocks, and expand into success
with ease,Ā grace, and flow?

$297 USD

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Digital Wealth Academy

Learn how to launch a highly profitable business online. End the hustle and
discover high income skills to launch any
online business and create multiple income
streams, even if you have no experience
and no product to sell.Ā 

$497 USD

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Become Unstoppable

A 6-week online program designed to help you tap into the power of quantum healingĀ and produce rapid life-changing results. Overcome your blocks, step into your highest potential, and up-level your life, business, and success.

from $3800 USDĀ Ā $4997 USD

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Go Beyond

A deep dive to clear the inner blocks and heal yourself at the deepest level. In this intensive 1 on 1 program, you will discover your true strength and power, and unleash the most powerful version of yourself.Ā 

from $8997 USDĀ  $17,997Ā USD

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Million Dollar Babe

Exude wild confidence while serving, selling, and building a powerful brand. Attract high-end clients effortlessly, transform your yearly income and claim the financial power to earn 6 to 7 figures on repeat!

from $19,997 USD

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