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'Go Beyond' Personalised Coaching Program

How Does Jasmine Ashton-Leigh’s Coaching Program Work?


Jasmine Ashton Leigh Coaching brings you a personalized, transformative, healing, and breakthrough process, at the deepest levels, both conscious and unconscious, that connects you to your highest potential and power. Using cutting-edge methods, which include Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Time Line Therapy®, Jasmine Ashton-Leigh Coaching empowers you to transform your mindset, your health, and your energy, so that you can live to your highest potential and achieve massive results in your life in the areas that matter most to you.
Jasmine’s deep healing breakthrough-process and coaching program runs for six months. This ensures outstanding, ongoing, MASSIVE RESULTS after the removal all destructive neural patterns, limiting beliefs, negative emotions, traumas from the past, subconscious blocks, and the inner conflicts that have been preventing you from living your best life.

The Jasmine Ashton-Leigh Coaching Process


Stage 1: Assessment

The first step in Jasmine’s results-oriented coaching program is to determine who you really are - your strengths, your values, your personality, and the vision and goals you have for yourself and your life. Jasmine will also identify the limiting beliefs, negative emotions and subconscious blocks and barriers you have in your life which are holding you back and preventing you from living the life you want. You will gain a new awareness of what these barriers are, and the cost and impact they are having on you and your life. This will give you the leverage you need, within yourself, to powerfully step-up and make the changes you require in your life, the changes that will propel you forward so you can, at last, live the life of your dreams in alignment with your highest potential.



Stage 2: Breakthrough and Transformation Day

Our limiting beliefs, negative emotions and subconscious blocks hold us back in every aspect of our lives; whether we are in search of our true life’s purpose, or wanting to have abundant health, energy, love, passion, success, confidence and fulfilment in our lives. Breakthrough and Transformation Day makes Jasmine’s coaching program unique, exclusive, and life-changing on the deepest levels. This day will provide you with the most incredible breakthrough, transformative, and deepest healing experience you will ever have in your life. Using NeuroEconomic Transformation Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy® techniques, Jasmine will work with both your conscious and unconscious minds to guide you to completely release all your limiting beliefs, negative emotions, subconscious blocks, inner conflicts, and any trauma and pain from the past.

You will discover a new ‘You’, and the truth of who you are, free from the chains, limitations, masks and negativity that you have held onto for so long, and which have been holding you back and preventing you from living an abundant and empowered life. When the process is complete, every part of your mind, body, soul and spirit will be 100% aligned with your highest truth and potential, and you will be deeply connected to your true strength and unlimited power. You will have new-found clarity about your values and you will be unstoppable in achieving your goals, and living the life of your dreams.


Stage 3: Ongoing Coaching

After Breakthrough and Transformation Day, you will be living with abundant power and freedom, deeply connected to your highest truth and potential, and you will be able to achieve MASSIVE RESULTS in all the areas of life that matter most to you. Jasmine’s ongoing specialised coaching and support system sets new mind-maps and tasking, and implements everything you need to continue to create and achieve amazing results in your life by taking actions that align with your deepest desires, values and goals.



Heather, Virginia USA

Working with Jasmine was the best investment I have ever made in myself! I trusted her process and she was amazing! Jasmine is gifted in the way that she can identify a limiting belief and in the techniques she uses so that you can breakthrough. Is it possible to have a breakthrough every time? Yes!! Every two weeks I experienced the most profound progress. I looked forward to our sessions, and enjoyed them! I could see and feel my progress. Jasmine was committed to helping ensure that I got the most out of each session and whatever time it took to achieve that. I looked forward to her emails as she so eloquently summarized my experience and takeaways for me, and with a task to build on the work that I had done. 


She was my snowplow, and cleared my path so that I could continue on my journey in life without carrying the baggage of my past and struggling with my limiting beliefs. I’m free, feel more empowered than ever before and am happy and at peace as I live my life and work on the goals that I’ve set for myself. I have no doubt or fear. I have everything in me to find my own success now! 

Mari-Lou, Ohio USA

After decades of living with PTSD, the healing work I've done with Jazz is the best thing I've ever done for myself. I had sought professional help for almost 40 years with no less than 5 psychologists and 2 psychiatrists. Talk therapy was okay, but I never achieved any lasting healing nor was given the tools to help me live a fulfilled life. It was time to finally let go of the pain and trauma of the past and find my true self.

Jazz is simply brilliant. Incredibly wise, intuitive, compassionate, and deeply caring about providing me with the tools to live a life of love and joy. NLP, recommended to me by my practitioner, goes far beyond any of the therapies I've tried (none of which alleviated my suffering). The work we have done together has given me new eyes and access to my true self. It has changed my life. Thank you, Jazz.

Jasmine only works with people who are ‘hungry’ and 100% committed to live their best life.


If you are you ready to take your life to the next level and want to discover what’s possible for you, Jasmine recommends you begin with an initial 90-minute discovery call.