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Engage, inspire and empower your audience

Jasmine Ashton-Leigh, speaker and breakthrough master coach, takes her audiences on a journey into the inner workings of the mind and helps guide them to freedom from their negative emotions, limiting beliefs, blocks and limitations. She guides her audiences to freedom from the chains of the past so they can live powerful and purpose-driven lives.


She speaks on a variety of topics, including Neuro Linguistic Programming, mindset and health, and she shares authentic stories of her own life experiences, trauma, addictions, disease, loss and pain, so she can inspire others to reflect on their own lives and be guided towards radical transformation. 


Jasmine sets her audiences up to win with impactful strategies to help them master their mindset, maximise motivation, and tap into their highest potential to live a happy, powerful, passionate and fulfilled life.


‘Anything is possible with the right mindset!’ - Jasmine Ashton-Leigh

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