Negative emotions are generated by negative thoughts you replay over and over in your mind. Negative emotions play a significant role in our lives, often impacting our energy levels, confidence, and financial success.

 Every time you replay a negative thought or event in your mind, you strengthen neural pathways in your brain that you don’t want. You amplify negative emotions, and you give power to those thoughts that eventuate into the limiting beliefs that disempower you in your own life, and prevent you from having the success you want. 

This five-step BREAKTHROUGH PROCESS, together with the short meditation, is a powerful tool that can initiate profound changes in your life. By calming your nervous system and shedding the weight of negativity, you're creating a fertile ground for positive energy, increased confidence, and improved financial outcomes.


Get ready to feel good NOW!

Call on this process, and meditation, anytime you feel a downward spiral of negativity begin...


‘Self- mastery, happiness and fulfilment, aren’t about being perfect and happy all the time. They are about your ability to release judgement of yourself and others, forgive yourself and your thoughts quickly, and return to love’ - Jasmine Ashton-Leigh